4 Key Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start a Boston Apartment Search

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If you Google “Boston apartments,” you will be left with a sea of choices — and a burning question: How do I find the right one? The key to finding the perfect place is to do your research and plan ahead. Before starting your search, draw up a list of your wants, needs, must-haves, and deal breakers. Listed below, you’ll find four important questions to help guide you through your apartment-hunting journey.

1. Is the location of the Boston apartment convenient?

You’ve heard it before: location, location, location. Location really is king. A main deciding factor in choosing the location of your Boston apartment may be proximity to work, but it’s also important to think about all aspects of your day-to-day life. Take into account the places you like to frequent, whether for shopping, dining, or your daily caffeine fix. Will these remain your go-to favorites? With Altitude’s prime location in Malden, just north of Boston, accessibility is never an issue. You are always just minutes from an array of restaurants, shopping, markets, and recreational green spaces.

2. Does the neighborhood feel like home?

Now that you’ve considered the various aspects of location, you may want to focus on narrowing down a specific neighborhood in your desired area. Believe it or not, neighborhood styles can vary greatly even within a few blocks’ radius. Boston provides a mixing pot of neighborhoods to choose from: some are geared towards college students and recent grads, others are rich in history and known for their walkability, and some are more family-oriented. Which neighborhood feel suits you best?

3. How much space do you need?

The apartment size you need is often dependent on a few factors, like whether or not you live alone and if you have pets. If you’d like the option of having a roommate, factor that in. Do you need a dedicated guestroom, or would a pullout couch suffice? If you have pets, think about whether or not they require any special additional space.

It can be helpful to consider your living space as a whole — the square footage is important, but an apartment can seem much larger or smaller depending on the layout, furniture placement, and number of bedrooms and bathrooms. At Altitude, regardless of the unit size you choose, your apartment will feel spacious thanks to the open floor plan and stunning views from your perch on the hill, with views overlooking downtown Boston and all the way out to the Atlantic Ocean.

4. What are you must-have amenities?

Are there any amenities you can’t imagine living without? Say, a pool for those hot summer days, or a dog park for Fido? Consider how a fitness center allows you to ditch that gym membership and onsite laundry will eliminate those annoying laundromat trips. You can find these amenities and more at Altitude.

Finding the right Boston apartment doesn’t have to be difficult, you just need to know where to start. Work your way through these four questions and then schedule a tour at Altitude to see how many must-haves you can check off here.

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