Immaculate Grounds, Quick Service, and Other Things That’ll Make Your Day at These North Shore Apartments

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If you’ve seen Altitude’s recent reviews, you may have noticed that many highlight the beautiful landscaping and praise the maintenance team’s dedicated effort around the property. Today, we’re answering your questions about how we keep these North Shore apartments looking good year-round. 

How are Apartment Maintenance Requests Handled? 

As one resident says, “My experience with Altitude Apartments has been great. The staff is incredible, very friendly, and quick to solve any problems tenants have.” That’s just what we like to hear.  

So, what makes the response so timely? Here’s how it works: 

When it comes to submitting a maintenance request, residents have a few options. Regardless of which one suits you, your request will always receive a prompt response from the maintenance team. 

Online portal: You can choose to enter the online portal to submit a work order. 

Call the office: You can call the office to leave a service request with a staff member. 

Emergency after-hours: Residents are also able to call the emergency after-hours line to reach the maintenance technician on call. Rest assured an emergency call never goes unanswered.  

And because the maintenance team is available around the clock, every service request is completed within 24 hours and emergency work orders will be immediately addressed.  

What About Cleaning and Maintenance Around These North Shore Apartments?  

Altitude often receives compliments for its exterior appearance. You should know just as much work goes into maintaining all of the common areas inside, too. As this review states, “The community landscaping is very well kept, the trash is taken from our floor daily and even sometimes multiple times a day, and our apartment was clean when we moved in.”  

Altitude’s use of a zone management philosophy helps to ensure that all areas of the property receive care, cleaning, maintenance, and attention on a regular basis. This requires a daily effort from several members of the Altitude teams.  Staff are trained to inspect the property, both inside and outside, every day. And they work closely with specialized vendors like cleaners and landscapers to create a plan of action.  

What’s Involved in Fall Cleanup? 

One happy resident exclaims, “I have to say the maintenance staff are just wonderful. They are always respectful and attentive. They keep the property beautifully landscaped. I just love them!!”  

But what seasonal maintenance goes on around the property during the fall and winter months? It all starts the day after Labor Day; the pool is closed and locked, pool furniture is stored away, and fall clean up begins. Summer flowers are removed to make way for more seasonally appropriate plantings like mums, kale, and cabbage.  

Each week, leaves are picked up and the lawns are regularly aerated and fertilized as needed. Fall cleanup rolls right into the first snow fall, when our snow remover begins their responsibilities. Snow is removed from all surfaces of the properties, including walkways and parking lots. The ground is also treated with ice melt, making it safe for residents to walk and drive around the property. 

As you can see, a lot of effort and planning goes into maintaining the property at Altitude’s North Shore apartments.  All that’s left for you is to enjoy your home here.


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