A Quick Guide to Buying Furniture for Your Apartment Near Boston

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Looking to furnish your new apartment near Boston? It can be overwhelming. How can you purchase furniture without breaking the bank? What items do you really need? Which pieces will fit the space while also showing off your personality? Check out these tips to help you simplify the process.  

Splurge vs. Save 

First, decide on a budget. Luckily, there are several options for all price points. For any expensive piece of furniture you’re considering, choose items that will hold up over time. That means looking for quality materials, good craftsmanship, and a strong frame.  

The bedroom is one area where it pays to splurge. On average, people spend one third of their life in bed, so it’s worth springing for one you love. Purchase a comfortable mattress and round out your relaxing sleeping quarters with a bedframe and headboard. In the living room, a cushy, neutral couch can be a beneficial splurge if your budget allows; if not, a futon will work just as well.  

For deals on new items, search for stores having sales or promotions, like those offering special financing. To find savings, consider buying secondhand or asking relatives for hand-me-downs. This is best for items like bureaus, nightstands, tables, and shelving units. Don’t overlook an item with good bones just because of the color or finish — pieces can be refinished or repainted to suit your taste.  

Must Haves 

Other than the obvious — a place to sleep, and a place to sit, what else do you need? Don’t forget about functional pieces that can perform double duty. A bench is a great example, especially an upholstered one with interior storage. Pair it with a serving tray as a coffee table, or use it for additional guest seating while entertaining. A small, multipurpose table provides you with a place to dine and can act as a workspace when needed. Bookcases and open shelving units offer extra storage, creatively display d√©cor, and can also help to divide the room. 

Tips & Tricks 

Consider the scale of the furniture in relation to the apartment. Oversized selections can make a room look smaller while a sprawling space can swallow up petite options. Choose transitional, versatile pieces that can easily be moved around and will work throughout your space. Use furniture to create defined spaces in the open layout. Don’t be afraid to incorporate mixed finishes and contrasting colors, your furniture choices will come together to showcase your unique style.  

Make your Altitude apartment near Boston feel like home by using these suggestions to create a welcoming and cohesive living space. 

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