Decorating your new apartment for rent? What you need to make it feel like home

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Decorating your new apartment for rent is a rite of passage that can be so much fun, but it’s also normal to experience a transitional period where you don’t quite feel at home yet. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to choosing d√©cor, these suggestions can take the stress out of putting your personal touch on your first place.

Add Some Color Without a Paintbrush

Altitude Apartments offers renters a blank space that’s just begging to be injected with your own design style. Think outside the box for ways to bring some added visual interest to your walls without picking up a paintbrush. Another popular option is to personalize your rooms by hanging your favorite artwork or tapestries.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Consider incorporating additional lighting elements like floor lamps and smaller table lamps to create the ambiance you want in a variety of situations. Whether for a cozy evening in or a lively dinner party, you’ll have the proper lighting for all occasions.

Display Sentimental Items

Decorating with cherished items, such as photos of friends and family, will instantly make your new apartment feel like home. Mix up your displays with treasured pieces that have been handed down, like your grandmother’s antique mixing bowl that’s perfect for holding fruit.

Layer in Texture

Create a cozy and inviting space ideal for lounging by layering soft goods like throw pillows and blankets. This will warm up your living area, introduce additional color, and build subtle dimension. Another option with the same benefits is to use area rugs to define spaces within the open floor plan.

Once you’ve completed your space, it’s time to sit back and enjoy it. Make a homemade meal and invite friends and family over to marvel at your decorating skills.

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