Heating costs getting to you? An apartment with utilities included can offer reprieve

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Looking for a way to trim some monthly expenses? Altitude is here to help. With chilly weather in the forecast for a few more months, an apartment with utilities included can be a great way to streamline your spending and save on a costly heating bill.

Warm up at Altitude’s apartments with utilities included

Especially in New England, heating needs — and expenses — vary throughout the year. With prices for just about everything seemingly on the rise, finding a new apartment with heat and hot water included will help to simplify your bills and balance out your budget.

Wondering just how you notice the benefits of included utilities?

  • True savings: Not only will an apartment with utilities included keep you cozy all winter long, it also provides cost savings from expensive fluctuating heating needs.

  • Convenient bill paying: Making one monthly payment that covers rent, heat, and hot water provides a certain level of convenience that separate payments (and due dates) just doesn’t.

  • Easier budgeting: Give up the guessing game and stop worrying about what your heating costs will amount to each month. With an apartment with utilities included, you’ll have an exact number to budget for that will stay consistent year-round.

Wearing a hat inside or huddling underneath a pile of blankets? An apartment with utilities included lets you be comfortable both with the indoor temperature and your nonexistent heating bill.

Other money-saving amenities you’ll appreciate

When it comes to finding a new apartment, what’s on your must-have list? If we had to guess, we’d probably say a great location, an updated apartment, and desirable amenities are at the top. And let’s not forget the importance of rental prices that you can actually afford. At Altitude, you’ll get all this and more.

Located 10 minutes from downtown Boston, the Altitude community features stunning views, modern interiors with hardwood floors and designer kitchens, and awesome amenities like the state-of-the-art Club Altitude, outdoor tennis and basketball courts, a pool, and even onsite MBTA bus service.

So, not only can you save on utilities, but also ditch your gym membership and cut down on your time-consuming commute. The result: More time and money to spend on things that really matter.

Contact us today to schedule your tour and start envisioning your future at Altitude.

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