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Best Movies for Winter Gatherings: These Apartments with Amenities Feature a Movie Theater!

Winter is coming — but Altitude’s apartments with amenities will warm you right up. If you’ve been searching for a good excuse to curl up inside and relax with your favorite movie, look no further than the brand-new movie theater at our amenity center, Club Altitude. Apartments with Amenities: A Movie Theater Picture stadium seating…

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‘Why We Love to Rent at Altitude': Read the Apartment Testimonials

When it comes to finding the right place to call home, apartment testimonials are a great way to gather information about potential contenders. At Altitude, we value our residents’ opinions and hope their feedback can be help you make an informed choice.   Take a peek at what residents say about their experience at our hilltop apartment community in Malden:  Apartment Testimonials Laud Dedicated Staff  We’d like to think our hardworking staff make a difference. And the apartment testimonials do indeed mention how each team…

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