Stressed Out? How an Apartment With a Yoga Studio Will Help You Recenter

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Stressed out? As the holidays approach, our day-to-day schedules often take on a frenzied energy, leaving some of us drained. Don’t despair. There are ways to relieve stress and carve out some time for yourself, to balance both body and mind. Renting an apartment with a yoga studio on the premises can turn tension into relief.

Altitude’s Private Yoga Studio

Regular yoga practice offers the perfect opportunity to unwind and regain that Zen feeling. At Altitude, you’ll appreciate having an apartment with a yoga studio where you can just unroll your mat and press “play” on your favorite on-demand yoga workout. Housed within Club Altitude, the private yoga room provides a tranquil place to clear your mind and do a round of your favorite flow sequence. Not only is the convenience a great benefit but saving on an expensive monthly studio membership fee is a win, too.

Where to Start

Whether you have 20 minutes or 90 minutes, a little yoga can go a long way. From a more energetic vinyasa routine to gentle, restorative poses, consistent yoga practice offers many advantages. At the Altitude yoga studio, one of the biggest perks is that you’re able to tailor your practice to your own individual needs. Choose between an on-demand session or develop a customized routine with your favorite poses and flows. If you prefer the latter, there are several helpful apps and websites, like Yoga Today, which allow you to design a personalized yoga sequence.

Developing Your Practice

The first step to creating your own routine is to spend a few minutes quietly reflecting about how you feel and what you need out of the practice. An article on the mindbodygreen site recommends choosing your sequences based on your energy. Listen and respond to your body and give it what it needs to ensure you leave the mat feeling refreshed and rebalanced.

A few favorite poses to incorporate in your practice include Child’s Pose, Cobra, Warrior ll, High Lunge, and Downward-Facing Dog. A tip from the pros is to select poses which help you move in all directions: side to side, forward and back, and upside down. No matter what you choose, ensure you hold each pose for the same number of breaths. And let’s not forget about the importance of Savasana; Don’t we all need to just lie still and clear our minds for a few minutes, every now and then?


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