Out with the old: 5 effective ways to declutter your apartment

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The fresh feel associated with the beginning of a new year often sparks a craving to eliminate unnecessary items from your life — and rental apartment. Consider these advantages to simplifying and reducing clutter. In addition to a cleaner home, decluttering is said to enhance your decision-making skills and help reduce anxiety — two perks we could all benefit from. Overwhelmed with where to start? Here are 5 tips to help you sort through the disorder and organize your rental apartment for good in 2019.

1. Start small

Don’t let an attempt to declutter too many areas at once dissuade you all together. Skip the frustration by focusing on one room, area, or drawer at a time. If even that seems like too much at first, set a timer for 5 minutes and race the clock by decluttering your rental apartment as much as you can from one area before the alarm sounds. Want another option? Try filling just one trash bag and stopping for the day — or week — once that bag is filled up. Whether with clothes to donate or items to toss, every bag leads to a little more progress.

2. Keep, sell, donate, toss

Consider separating items into four piles designated for keeping, selling, donating, and tossing. Label boxes for each category and once one box is full, empty the contents and start over. Suggested items to donate or sell include infrequently worn clothing, unused sporting equipment, and duplicates of things, like appliances. Toss anything that’s broken or missing parts.

3. Discard expired items

Another way to quickly declutter is by throwing away anything hanging around beyond its expiration date. Think makeup, food, cleaning products, medication, and batteries. Start with the fridge one day, conquer the pantry another, and your closet after that. Before you know it, you’ll have eliminated a bunch with minimal effort. Experts recommend making this part of your ongoing organization process to ensure the clutter stays away.

4. Organize your rental apartment

Now that you’ve gone through your rental apartment and tossed expired items, and sold or donated unused goods, it’s time to organize what’s left. Find a practical and convenient place to store these possessions that makes it easy to stay organized long term. Consider utilizing storage bins for items like off-season clothing or holiday d√©cor.

5. Everything in its place

Okay, so you’ve put in the work, and your rental apartment is clutter-free and organized from top to bottom. That’s it, right? Well, almost. Be sure to keep up with it all by always returning every item to its proper home after use. Stay on top of clutter by spending some time every couple of months assessing how your organization system is working for you. This is also where periodically sorting through items that may be expiring soon comes into play.

Are you ready to clear out clutter and make room for what’s really important in 2019?

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